New Rules

MKFS Midwest Mayhem Online Rules…

The MKFS online will be open to both public and private water. We will record your best 5 bass each month from May to August. April is a stand alone event and will not be used for AOY Points. There will be monthly cash winners as well as an overall Points champion crowned.

 General Rules:

Eligible States for Competition: CO, MT, WY, ND, SD, NE, IA, MO, KS, IL, WI, MN

No fish will be kept on stringers, baskets, ice chests, etc. All fish will be immediately released unharmed after a CPR photo has been taken. Any one fish can only be submitted once per event. It is the anglers responsibility to ensure that all fish submitted are different and failure to do-so will result in a disqualification of the duplicate fish. A secondary fish will NOT be allowed for submission after the photo submission period has ended and/or the event has concluded.

Safety Regulations: PFD must be worn while in competition. Violators will be immediately disqualified.

 Fishing Methods: Only artificial baits/lures/flies and hand tied flies will be permitted for use during all events. NO live bait or dead bait will be allowed during any competition in the series. Worms are permitted. Rod/Reel and Fly Rods are the only acceptable devices approved for use. 

Qualifying Fish: Catch, Photo, and Release alive only.  All events are your best 5 fish limit by total length. Approved fish for competition are Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and Spotted Bass.

Your kayak must be visible in all photo submissions. All fish will be scored by .25” increments. If a fish is scored is slightly under the nearest .25”, the measurement will be rounded down.

 Recording Your Catch: Recording of fish is completed by the CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) method. Anglers are solely responsible for the uploading of their fish to The approved measuring device is the Hawg Trough or a Ketch Board. The identifier must be present in the photo without obstruction. If the identifier is three letters, ALL three letters must be clearly visible. The fish should be positioned with the face to the left and the dorsal fin up. The mouth should be closed and touching the front of the measuring device.

An open mouth is considered when the color of the Hawg Trough is visible through the opening of the mouth. The measuring device may cause a pinching of the tail. This will not result in a deduction in the scoring of your fish. The tail must lay flat against the Hawg Trough. If it is raised from the board, you will be asked to submit an alternate photo and/or fish. If one cannot be provided, you will receive a standard 1.00” deduction. It is recommended to use a black sharpie to highlight the markings on your Hawg Trough without obstruction.

Photo must include the entire fish. NO obstructions.
Blurred photos will not be allowed.
Fish must face left and dorsal fin must be facing upward.
Tail in any position but resting flat against the Hawg Trough.
Fish visibly unharmed. No restraint devices allowed.
Markings on the measuring device must be visible and legible.
Assigned identifier must be completely visible.

Eligible Watercraft: Only man powered kayaks or kayaks with a trolling motor will be allowed. All fish must be taken from your kayak. You are not permitted to leave your kayak to fish from shore. Only one paid entrant per kayak.